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mission and objective

Tin Men Endurance Racing members have all persisted through the uncertain storm of heart failure and transplantation, and been lucky to come out on the other side made anew. And it is our mission to ensure that everyone who does today, or will in the future, need a heart transplant, gets one.


Organ Donor Registration

An average of 18 people in the United States die each day waiting for an available organ. With words, deeds, and monies, we support a variety of organizations that help to improve transplant survival rates and the lives that transplant survivors live after receiving their new heart. And we hope to inspire the more than 115,000 people currently waiting for an organ by showing them the physical fullness of life that they will soon resume.

Honor our Donors

We are also all charter members of the Association of Gratified Vitality Celebrants (if such an organization were to exist) who use sport and athleticism to honor our donors and their families. It is because of their sacrifice and selflessness that we live. And as the beauty of the beat that powers us provides a metronomic reminder of our life's greatest gift, we take to the racecourse to celebrate, always in tandem with them.

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